The thing about having a cat, is you’re never really sure if it likes you. This is true in business negotiations as well, at least in the beginning. And I’m still not sure if having a cat helps you in business negotiations, or if business negotiations helps you own a cat, but that’s sort of neither here nor there.

Mine (the cat, not the negotiations) hasn’t really forgiven me for standing up too quickly and dropping it unceremoniously to the floor after finishing a long night of emails. I doubt forgiveness will be on the table tomorrow, either, but hope springs eternal as they say (in cases like these, I recommend tuna).

Negotiations are equally complicated (in cases like these, I don’t recommend tuna). And often equally unforgiving. There is an initial phase of trust building, and then the endless hours of back and forth and negotiating can leave you bone-tired. And in standing up, perhaps victorious, perhaps just getting ready for the next day of negotiation, there is a hope you don’t stand up too quickly and drop anyone on the floor.